strategies for smart brands

Stevens 470 provides educational programs and creative services so you can effectively utilize current media channels and digital marketing strategies to build your brand and grow your business. Services and programs are designed for organizations, business owners, entrepreneurs, marketing managers, and key marketing staff.

spring 2017 workshops

Join us at our upcoming brand, messaging, and marketing workshops at our new location in Florence! details here>

marketing services

With an omnichannel marketing plan you become focused, proactive, and maximize your marketing efforts. Utilize a goal oriented plan that includes specific initiatives and timelines.

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marketing reviews

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educational programs

By educating yourself and key staff in progressive marketing strategies, you'll have an ongoing process that will generate results from your marketing investments.

seminars + presentations >

hands-on marketing training >

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brand development

Create a brand presentation that is impactful and immediately recognizable in all media channels, including the new and evolving online channels.

crafting fresh brands >

website brand + content >

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