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We are moving to Florence next month.
In January 2014, I transitioned to an independent marketing and design consultancy and began to teach at Greenfield Community College. Stanley and I have moved from Southampton to Hatfield. Now, the studio will be moving to a new space in Florence. The Florence studio will house my marketing and design office, along with a brand new etching press and workspace for printmaking.

470 Southampton Road is for sale.
If you travel by the office on 470 Southampton Road in Westfield (photo below) you will see the big “For Sale” sign out front. I will miss this building and all the experiences and people that shared it with me. Details here if you are looking Real Estate Listing Info >

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Stevens 470 Marketing + Creative has launched MarketingWorks, comprehensive educational programs for business owners, marketing professionals, entrepreneurs, and key marketing staff. The programs teach individuals and organizations to utilize current media channels and digital marketing strategies to build their brand and grow their business.

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