Marketing Services

omnichannel marketing plans

customized plans for your business

Business growth requires an intelligent marketing plan that you can successfully execute. The omnichannel marketing plan begins with a complete evaluation of your current marketing efforts and business goals. From there, the consultation will continue and includes:

  • defining your business objectives
  • analyzing the current marketplace
  • reviewing your business competitors
  • finding your target audience
  • selecting appropriate online and offline media channels
  • creating a step-by-step implementation strategy

You will receive a written report with all of the above information.

How it works

The omnichannel marketing plan can be started at any time. It begins with a meeting to discuss your objectives, resources, and intentions. From there we will have in-depth discussions, research will be done, and you will receive a written plan to use as a guide in moving forward.

marketing reviews

review and evaluate your marketing activities

In today's online marketplace, your digital channels are the foundation of your marketing. This review will examine your marketing activities and evaluate how well they are performing in relation to your objectives and your costs. Most marketing plans require the use of many channels, both online and offline, with the goal of coordinating those channels for maximum impact. Are your advertising and marketing messages creating a concerted effort towards reaching your goals? Let's take a look.

The Marketing Review starts with your business objectives, evaluates your marketing efforts in each channel, and then provides a written review with overall recommendations.
The Marketing Review will include:
   1. Looking at your business goals.
   2. Examining your marketing messages and desired responses.
   3. Reviewing your activities in each marketing channel, especially your digital channels.
   4. Appraising your means of measuring results.
   5. Evaluating the consistency and continuity of your marketing activies.
   6. Recommendations and suggestions.

The Marketing Review fee is $600. If you would like to continue the process and move into a full Omnichannel Marketing Plan, that fee will be deducted from your marketing plan investment.

Please call or email if you are interested in a Marketing Review, or if you have any questions.